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​Proverbs 14:4 states, "Where no oxen are, the manger is clean, But much increase comes by the strength of the ox." I invite you to watch this video showing how oxen are trained and "yoked together" to yield a greater harvest. The less experienced ox is yoked (i.e. teamed) with a more mature ox that is experienced in the field. 

​A pen and paper will be helpful to note the spiritual applications in the video.

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Media Guide

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Bishop Johnson has developed, preached, and taught on a large array of topics related to Christian growth and maturity, family issues, the church, rejection, deliverance, and experiencing God and His character in the fullest.  

These messages have been organized into a Media Guide to review and order the messages.




Fall Semester 2018:

Issues in Christian Theology

Instructor: Bishop Dr. Joey Johnson

Course Description: 

This course will review and discuss a theology of the third person of the Tri-Unity, The Holy Spirit and wrestle with the controversy of cessationism and the manifestations of the Spirit for being equipped to personally experience, minister to and equip others to have power for evangelism and Kingdom business.

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Dates: Thursdays beginning Sep 6 thru Nov 15

Time:  6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Location: Room 105-107 (Ed. Wing at THOTL)

Contact: Pastor Pat Butler at The House of the Lord Church Office at 330-864-9073 to register for the upcoming Semester.

The House of the Lord-Ashland Theological Seminary Program provides an excellent venue and opportunity for those who cannot attend seminary or who have previously attended seminary and want to "brush up" on their theology, review their theology, and interact with Bishop's teaching ministry and his theological perspectives.

Dr. F. Josephus Johnson, II has been teaching courses as a professor in association with the Ashland Theological Seminary Certificate Program since March 2014. This is an opportunity for Bishop to teach the Bible at a deeper level after founding Logos Bible Institute and faithfully teaching Systematic Theology for 26 years; as well as, Pastoral Mentoring, Johnson Leadership Institute, and courses through the Bethlehem House of Bread-Ashland Theological Seminary Program.​

Pastoral Care



Church Development

Finished In The Fire Finished In The Fire! LLC is the business/ministry founded by Dr. F. Josephus Johnson, II, that offers a progression of three (3) workshops to challenge individuals by examining similarities between the process of refining metal and refining one's character.

Visit to sign-up or for more information.

Finished In The Fire! now offers Video Learning where you can participate in the Finished In The Fire! experience through online Video Learning Workshops while in your home, office, church, business or small group.



Stay tuned for information about the Leadership 101 Class and others held by Bishop Joey Johnson that was held on TCT.


Finished In The Fire!