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Take a look at our Message Series Media Guide for a wide-variety of resources, social and spiritual reality analyses, scholarly works, and more by Bishop Johnson.
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Bishop Johnson has developed, preached, and related to Christian growth and maturity, family issues, the church, rejection, deliverance, and experiencing God and His character in the fullest. These messages have been organized into a Media Guide to review and order the messages. Additional Message are located in the Video Library and in Bishop’s Store.

Bishop’s Media Guide

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Healing, Social Justice, and Radical Love

Jesus Christ's life and sacrifice was an example of demonstrating love to all people regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, education, or social class; particularly, the marginalized, vulnerable, and outcast. Real social justice begins with seeing the needs of others with eyes of compassion and humility, and then helping to uplift those who are under the weight of social misery. Click Here to go to the page.

Jesus Christ of the Poor, Oppressed, and Suffering

The Revolutionary & Radical Jesus

Jesus of the Poor, Oppressed, Suffering, and Marginalized

The Distortion of Christ & the Power of His Sacrifice

Liberation & Social Justice Theologies

Community Crises, Trauma, and Global Catastrophes

Traumas as Daily Catastrophe for People of Color & the Poor

On COVID-19 & Health Crises

The Church as a Refuge for the Oppressed

The Church's Betrayal of the Message of Jesus

The Profit Church vs The People's Church

The Physical vs The Spiritual Church

The Role of the Church in Fighting Radical Evils