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By the power of the Holy Spirit, Bishop F. J. Johnson Ministries purposes to provide counseling, consultation, seminars, preaching, books, materials, and other kinds of gifts for pastors, ministers, parachurch leaders, their organizations, and biological family members to support their overall health and effectiveness in the Body of Christ, and to enable deepening their intimacy with God.



After nearly five decades of pastoring, I believe that God has given me a heart, concern, and special insight into the needs of pastors and leaders and how to oversee and develop churches. From this season forward, I believe the Holy Spirit is directing me to extend my apostolic covering and attention, spiritual gifts, and resources on developing pastors and spiritual leaders, building the kingdom of God, and leaving an eternal spiritual legacy. 

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We have created a Video Resource Library with a wide variety of subjects that cover topics to preach on, relevant subject matter for understanding the times we live in today, community conversations, and resources that build unity, reconciliation, and address social injustices. Watch for updates!


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Pastoral Care

Pastors and spiritual leaders who are called to the responsibility of shepherding the people need places where they can seek refuge, healing, and encouragement.  It is out of that place of understanding and receiving care that they provide pastoral care to their flocks.  This means that a pastor needs to be a safe person that their members and other pastors can go to when troubles and concerns arise. After experiencing pastoring for 47 years, I have come to recognize the great need for and value in pastoral mentorship that accelerates spiritual and personal development for faith leaders and pastors in ways that honor God and increase their effectiveness in caring for others. 


In Acts 2, we see evidence of a strong Church that was a result of the pastoral care and people devoting themselves to the teaching of the apostles. The word devoted in this instance as we see in the Strong’s Concordance is the Greek word, (proskartereo) which means to “hold fast to.”  This means that the believers held fast to the teaching and to the confession of their faith.  As you review this website, you will be able to find teaching resources to strengthen you that you can use for your congregation as well as in your personal walk with God.


Quote: “The Bible does not say we should aim at numbers but rather urges us faithfully to proclaim God’s message in the boldness of the Holy Spirit. This will build God’s church God’s way.”Jim Cymbala, Pastor. 

Pastors desire to continually add vision and power to their preaching. I want to help empower and enhance your preaching impact, scope, and style by modeling effective preaching, providing helpful developmental resources that will energize your soul, and pointing you to sermon and series preparation tools that increase your knowledge and intimacy with God.  Make sure you’re on our email list to stay informed of resource updates.  Although my schedule is very busy; there are times when the Holy Spirit leads me to accept other Speaking Engagements based on availability. Be Blessed!

Church Development

The Lord wants church institutions to be healthy, Spirit and power-filled, thriving centers of healing and care for the suffering and broken-hearted; to be equipping centers that edify and grow the influence of the saints in reaching the community; to be centers of truth and justice when the surrounding world is evil and unjust.  It is the responsibility of the Pastor, leaders, and members of the church to work in tandem with God to cultivate an atmosphere and culture in the church where there can be growth and development.

Pastors have the calling to shepherd, feed, teach, and care for their people. Pastors must continue to develop, be lifelong learners, and refine their ministerial skills and character.  Pastors should model Christ’s love and be the leaders and examples that guide people into becoming the best that they can be.  When this happens, the Church body builds itself up in love and natural church development results. As time progresses, we hope this website can be a hub of knowledge to help you develop your Church powerful ways.


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The word resource refers to assets, materials, and life supporting tools. Our prayer is that you will find the information and available teaching on this website to be a wealth of knowledge empowering you to deepen your relationship with God and energize your ministry of the gospel. We hope that you will take time to browse the collection and be edified in your Spirit as you prepare for greater works. Click Here or  click "Resources" above.

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Jesus Christ's life and sacrifice was an example of demonstrating love to all people regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, education, or social class; particularly, the marginalized, vulnerable, and outcast. Real social justice begins with seeing the needs of others with eyes of compassion and humility, and then helping to uplift those who are under the weight of social misery. Click Here to go to the page.

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